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The Maxson Family Association was formed in 2000 to foster awareness, dialog, and research about the Maxson family across the USA.  The Maxson name traces back to the records of First Church of Boston. There, an English blacksmith named Richard Magson is recorded in 1634 as the servant of one James Everill. Subsequent records identify Richard by the Maxson name.

Richard is believed to be the progenitor of all (or nearly so) the Maxsons of European descent in the USA today.  The name Maxon – without the “s” – is a spelling variation that is also widely associated with Richard.  Richard signed the Portsmouth Compact in 1639, becoming a founder of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.  Maxson family members dedicated a new stone commemorating Richard’s presence at the new colony. A ceremony at Founders Brook Park in Portsmouth was held with Richard’s descendants and representatives of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, May 24, 2009.

There is a Jewish Maxson line in  the USA as well, with records found so far going back to Daniel, whose father was K. Marxsohn, born Koenigstadt, Hessen and mother was Julie Kahn, born Ginsheim (sp?) [on] Rhine.

Individuals with an interest in Richard Maxson’s legacy are invited to join the Maxson Family Association.  Use the MFA-membership form.

Attend the Next Maxson Family Reunion September 26-28, 2014 in Ashaway, Rhode Island.

This web site is evolving with volunteer support.  Please bear with us.  Your suggestions are welcome. This website contains writings, images and links about the people who are Richard’s legacy.  [Marxsohn Maxsons are welcome to contribute information as well!]

To the extent possible, information that is presented on this site, in the Maxson Family Association Newsletter and in the writings and publications of members is carefully researched and documented. This website is intended to be a resource of geneological information, family stories, and history regarding all things Maxson.  Participation is encouraged.  The Maxson Family Association always welcomes corrections, clarifications and challenges to the knowledge gathered by the association’s members and made available on this website.  This website will be enhanced with more information over time.  Suggestions and submissions are welcome; contact the webmaster at

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